Blog Post 5: Portfolio

When I went to the Career Center on February 13th, Lisa Knapp suggested that I create a digital portfolio to display my achievements, certifications, transcripts, and (what she thought to be most important), the writing I have done over my time as a student. Lisa suggested I display a variety of writings both “professional/academic” and creative to show the range in my skills. The target audience of my portfolio would most likely be someone seeking to hire a professional writer, which is why I believe it is important to display a variety of my writings.

Blog 4 -Internship to Job? A topic for further discussion

I've now been interning here for five months. My mother and brother work for this company too, my brother in Ludington at one of the properties and my mother in corporate with me but in the finance department. I feel like there is a strong possibility that they will offer me a job after the internship is over since this is my last semester of school as well. If they do, I am thinking I will take it even though this isn't necessarily my dream area of work when it comes to writing.

Blog 4; Technology Applications

Campus Ministry uses many technology applications / resources to accomplish a variety of tasks. Among these applications are the following:
- Google Drive (for collaboration; including Docs, Spreadsheets, and Forms)
- Wufoo (is an application we use to create and house important forms such as applications for student leadership),
- Wordpress (for our blog where I will post the story / testimony of a different student each week)

Blog 4

The last few weeks, before this past one, with Dreaming Big have been really great. I felt like I was finally getting the work done that I was supposed to be doing, finally, and working towards being able to work with manuscripts with them, rather than just the blog. So, since my goal is to work with editing a manuscript rather than solely with their blog, I set out my goal to edit as many blog posts as I possibly could.

Blog 4: Transitions

Hey there! It’s time for another workplace blog. In this post, I am going to talk about my transition process at the Lanthorn in correlation with Anson and Forsberg’s three stages of transition. In their journal article “Moving Beyond the Academic Community,” Anson and Forsberg identify three different stage of transition: Expectation, Disorientation, and Transition and Resolution.

With Great Power... Blog 4

At the start of this internship, I was a little worried the experience I would be gaining would not directly translate into experience I need to get a job in the publishing field. Last week, those worries were put to rest. Last week, I was pleasantly surprised by my supervisor asking me to begin editing my team’s blog articles before everyone sends them to her for final approval. Before, I had just been approving the blog topics, writing my own articles, and organizing content on the newsletter.

Blog 4: The Publishing Industry

Already I feel a difference between this week and last week with this internship. I have just submitted and gotten feedback on my first critique on a reading submission, and while it went fine and Michelle seemed pleased, she still provided me with things to improve on that surprised me. What I struggled the most with when evaluating a book is coming up with comparable titles of books that have already been published. I didn’t initially realize the importance of that section of the evaluation until our weekly conference call with Michelle when it came up.

Blog 4: Working in Publishing

After this week's conference call, Michelle discussed the roles of employment in a publishing house. I felt like I got a lot of good insight as to what the timeline looks like for specific roles. For example, a developmental editor might work on a task for two weeks, but will be working on 4-18 other assignments at the same time.

Blog 4: Time Management & New Writing Project

Things have been getting pretty stressful recently at my internship not because of my workload perhaps but because of having a loss for adequate time to get the content I need in order to get projects done. It feels like, writing a research paper without access to the internet, and when you can get internet service it is when you're not available. Every project involves 5 preface steps before I can complete it. I have a little bit of worry because as the semester falls into midterms and not far off into finals all of my big projects for my internship will be due as well.