Blog #9: Learning how to write activism

Going into this internship, I mainly had professional writing experience when it came to journalism. More specifically, I had experience with writing articles about art exhibits and concerts. There are certainly some similarities between that and what I am currently doing as part of my internship. For example, both require use of the active voice, which is something that I do not use in my other forms of writing. They also both have an audience that is actively looking for some kind of information.

Blog 8 & 9

Blog 8
For this blog, I decided to write about learning how to do things even if I don't have a clear direction. (Kind of taking inspo from Aaron's blog because I really like what he talked about and wanted to voice my own experience too.) I think this whole internship has taught me that I really like having clear direction. I love knowing exactly what I should do and how I should do it, which, to be fair to myself, I think is pretty normal. But you can't always expect that. Sometimes you have to be the guide. You have to take what you're given and just go at it.

Blog #9: Writing Feedback

I've been working on a series of articles for the print publication of the Solutions Magazine. It's been a different experience trying to write shorter articles that are concise and cover a decent range of information. As many of you are aware, I'm sure, I tend to write long sentences that use a lot of semi colons and commas to join what would otherwise be a series of short sentences, so this has been a majority of the feedback that I have gotten.

Blog #9: Personal Growth

For this entry I wanted to focus on what I've learned about myself. So far, I mean, aren't we always learning something about ourselves. I will try to avoid talking about the isolation, and social distancing side of things. Let's take it back to a time a long ago, about 3 weeks or so, before viruses spread, and before spring break, it's a magical time, a surreal time, when nothing could go wrong and regular stresses were persistent.

So, now that I've set the scene.

What I have learned about myself, a summary, by Aaron Ponce.

Blog #8: Interviewing

Over the last few weeks I have been reaching out to potential interview subjects for the Solutions Magazine. The process hasn't been entirely new, although there were different expectations and variables to coordinate in comparison with interviews I have conducted in the past. Because these are with large businesses or community leaders the approach is entirely different.

Blog #8: Learning, Failing, Trying

For this blog I decided to focus some on what I have learned as far as new skills, or what this particular job title has its own challenges and rewards.

As expected because of the spread of COVID-19 things have been turned on their head. Following a spring break filled with minimal work, and a week back filled with uncertainty as the news outlets started to discuss the future of our communities as far as closing, work fell behind slightly. I made sure to stay in contact with my supervisor, and she herself has had issues of being swamped with work.

Blog 7 and Blog 8

Blog 7- LinkedIn

I have used LinkedIn before for a class where we talked about forming our resumes for a global audience. Personally, at that time, I found my lack of professional experience to be one of the biggest limiting factors with LinkedIn.

Blog #7: LinkedIn

I thought the advice ranged from obvious to unique. A lot of like making sure there's no typos, and highlighting your skills seemed like no-brainers. But, at the same time it is always invaluable how much that advice matters. I think a lot of times we overlook those basic ideas, and want to be more and more flashy, but most of the advice starts with the basics before even jumping to the more elaborate details of the profile.

Blog #7: LinkedIn

I think the most important thing that I gathered from the readings we were assigned is the importance of posting on LinkedIn, which I very rarely do. Sharing posts from my blog would be an easy way to publish on another platform. It also made me realize that I need to update my summary, and possibly my tagline, as these have not been updated in a while. I also need to request endorsements and recommendations from my peers. It was interesting to read that you can tag connections with their relationship to you and where you know them from and categorize them, something I was unaware of.